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How to Install Libreoffice 4.3.4 on any non-supported Linux Distro

If you are using any linux distro that does not provide LibreOffice in its repository by any reason, and you are tired of facing error messages during compilation want to install LibreOffice at all cost, this is how:

First I went to libreoffice site and downloaded 4.3.4-1 package for 64bit debian.

Then I became root in terminal:


Then I extracted what I downloaded:

tar -xf <path to downloaded libreoffice file>

It created a folder named:


So I entered:

cd ./LibreOffice_4.3.4.1_Linux_x86-64_deb


mkdir unzip

cd unzip

for file in $(find ../ -type f -name *.deb); do echo $file; ar vx $file 1>/dev/null; tar -xf ./data.tar.gz; if [ -f ./preinst ]; then ./preinst; fi; /usr/bin/cp -rfp ./opt/libreoffice4.3 /opt/; /usr/bin/cp -rfp ./usr /; tar -xf ./control.tar.gz; if [ -f ./postinst ]; then ./postinst; fi; rm -rf ./*; done

That’s it. Now you should be able to run it by:


After log out/log in you should also see menu items of it. If running it in terminal shows an error message of a shared library, do not panic! Search for how to install that specific library into your distro.

Remember: Freedom comes at a cost.