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Is soviet union still around?

Soviet union a complex of communist member states consisting of most of North Asian and Eastern European countries collapsed on 1991. After that its member states including Russia and smaller eastern European and Asian countries called satellites exist as independent countries. For a lot of people whom suffered of inequalities, oppression, concentration camps, sever torture and inhuman imprisonment, etc. the idea of a totalitarian communist government was an catastrophe. In my opinion, it was a malfunction of civilization. An infectious disease of government part of a nation that can catch other nations by either forced occupation of those countries (Like occupation of eastern Europe countries by Russian red army), or by deceiving people or government of other countries about communist dream. In spite of the fact that its more than a decade of its collapse, symptoms of such disease still exists.

The idea starts by a revolution. People angry of inequalities shutdown their previous government (Kingdom, Dictatorship, etc) and demand a new rule. The leader of the revolution offer a new government with a communistic program. Because communism looks opposite to inequality. In order to establish communism, a huge government is needed to hold all nation asset from oil fields to the armchair you’re sitting on right now! The government then is supposed to divide these among people in an equal and efficient way. But the billion dollar question arises months after the revolution: What if supreme leader of the revolution and its government decide to betray people and to hold all this huge capital for themselves?

Symptoms and Side effects
Once the revolution dreams comes to reality people see themselves in dark days with depressed society and repressed economy. Where you cannot obtain anything and having any kind of income without previous permissions from the government. People close to government have the right to decide about destiny of other people. Working and earning money is much easier for them because they are exempted of lots of time consuming permit processes. Government is very powerful compared to poor people and thus will quickly execute every single dissident or at best, sends him to prison. Poor people under harsh psychological situation and with no or few access to different sources of news gradually believe in government ideas and notions. They will soon gather to watch executions in public and celebrate mass murders. They can become happy very simple and cheaply by just having the chance of buying one loaf of bread out of a long queue on dashboard of a government permitted bread distributing center!

Considering themselves completely immobilized against the government that blocked all independent sources of news, have all the ways of income it its hands with a well equipped army and with nuclear weapons, people will start to flee the country. Who wants to waste his life in a poor country with a long list of anti-capitalist slogans? Soon government will start to pull a long wall around its boarders to prevent people exiting it. They will arrest and even execute people tried to exit the state. The socialism paradise!

Any government or organization which try to involve in the situation must be ready for a nuclear response. Cost of trying to free slaved people is too much. Without modern means of delivering news to people from sources other than the communist government itself, its also impossible to shutdown the government by its own citizens considering that people are mostly hungry and have to spend 16 or more hours a day filling stomachs of themselves and their children. The only possible therapy looks waiting for the government to became poor enough because of inefficient complex communistic economic system and to consider collapse. This was what happened in union soviets.

Even above treatment is not a permanent one. Soviet union still exists. The infection improved itself and fixed two of its most important flaws: Inefficient economy and Complex decision making system
Soviet is not a union anymore. But exists. It is mostly consisted of Russian Federation, Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea and China. Of the named states Iran was not a member of former soviet union, but in the new mutated system, It is!
The communistic economy is replaced by oligarchic capitalism. Means government members and their family are free to have their private holdings while people does not. People in best situation can work for one of these holdings. Since there are private part in new soviet system, western governments will start dealing with them and even the country can became a member of world trade organization. But considering the fact that such firms can only be owned by a minority of permitted and trusted entities, people usually have no benefit of such economic growth. They stay poor and impoverished. Having kept oil wells and nuclear weapons, the government is safe and can rule almost infinitely.

And what about a wall around the state to prevent people escaping it? Like the wall of Berlin?
Leaving people to freely exit the country can first cause swarms of crowd escaping to western boarders like what was witnessed after fall of Berlin Wall. But soon western government will see such movement a threat to their economic and job making policies. They will establish harder and harder conditions to their visiting and working visas in order to avoid letting slaves of the new soviet system to escape the hell and to enter the west. I myself whenever tried to find a legal mean of migration faced prohibitive conditions like:
A amount balance in a local bank account in local currency equivallent to 10k to 20k US Dollar kept for at least three months: It is almost impossible for a citizen of a member state of the new soviet system (Iran in my case) with a highly unstable economy with very low salaries and high inflation rate to save and keep such amount of money in bank account. It takes decades for you to save such money that may look very easy to American citizen. One your saving reaches the required limit, inflation causes your currency to fall down and thus you need more money to gather and put in the bank account. It can also look ridiculous for a holder of a western passport like USA that such a condition even exists. But try to see embassy websites of first world countries in capital of soviet member states: for example search for “Australian Embassy in Tehran” to see what conditions an Iranian citizen must fulfill to have a chance of entering Australia. Not for a work and holiday visa (It doesn’t exists anymore at least for Iranians), but just a tourist visa to enter and maybe search for a job offer without work permission or even claim for asylum!
A work evidence letter with insurance paid and relevant to your field of study is also needed. Considering harsh labor market where your must change your job several times a year and you have to work in fields irrelevant to your qualification in order to survive, this one also looks impossible.
There are several other conditions as well. The main reason behind all of them is one thing: to avoid poor people bringing poverty with them! Just like if poverty is a virus or visiting soviet citizens can cause western countries to become soviet as well! But there are still ways for a young man like me to escape the corruption and inequality: Investment visas of poor eastern European countries struggling to became European Union member like Georgia and Hungary. Since these countries are in dire need of foreign investment, the will give you a work visa if you invest small amounts of money around 3000USD. Four weeks after I went to Georgia to apply for such visa, Iran government attempted to place bomb in front of Israel embassy in order to kill Israelis but failed. Such attempt caused the government of Georgia with now close relations to west to close its doors to Iran and to reject applications of citizens like me!
The next step was Bulgaria but the same thing happened there. Again bombing! Again rejection of visa requests. I also researched about Malaysia and Czech Republic but they don’t even let Iranians to open a bank account thus preventing them to establish a startup. Looks like the new wall is turned inside out! Instead of seldom issuing passports to soviet citizens, creating a situation that no single country will issue a visa to them.
Every human being some day opens his eyes and knows where he is from and what can be his destiny. And someone like me sees himself stuck in a dark world with no future. Currently I’m writing and posting this blog post on a 1Mbps frequently disconnecting Internet line while my ISP blocked access to WordPress and I’m using illegal anti-censorship software to bypass that!

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