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How to fix indexing issue of Magento

After solving previous problem of 404 error, the new error was indexing. The new products were not anywhere although I checked below check list I get here:

  • The products must be Visible in Catalog.
  • The products must be Enabled.
  • Product must have a stock Quantity.
  • The product must be set to In Stock.
  • If the product is set not to track stock, it still has to have a stock Quantity and be set to In Stock.
  • The product must be assigned to the target Category.
  • If using multi-website mode (or if you imported the products through Data Flow), the products must be assigned to the target Website.
  • You must refresh your Cache / Indices, just to make sure.

And whenever I went to Manage Indexing page I see all indexes are ongoing forever. The problem was my /tmp partition was full and so indexing failed. I emptied the full partition that cause the problem and to retrive indexing did:
cd <magento path>
rm /var/locks/*
cd shell
php -f indexer.php reindex all
It reindexed everything in a few seconds! Items will be on site map. If you want them to be on home page, then you need to add a code snippet to your home page which you can find here.


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