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Offline installation of Oxygen-Transparent widget engine on Kubuntu 11.10

Just installed the 11.10 version of Kubuntu and wondered to install the fancy Oxygen-Transparent widget engine on it in order to enable fully transparent windows there.

The project home page is here but does not contain much information. So:
I downloaded it’s Perl installer script from here.
I installed below packages as necessary dependencies:

  • git
  • build-essential
  • libxrender-dev
  • libphonon-dev
  • kdelibs5-dev
  • kde-workspace-dev

I was ready to install it by running it’s installer script in command line, but as I found that git is very slow and it takes ages to download all necessary files, I decided to find a way to install it offline.

Thus I downloaded the whole git archive as a .tar.gz file from here.

I extracted it using below command:

mkdir ~/Temp
cd ~/Temp
tar -xvzf /PATH/ TO/DOWNLOADED/FILE/oxygen-transparent-somerubishtext.tar.gz

Then I opened the downloaded perl script and searched below line in it to change it to:

if( !$opt_no_git )

print( “— checking out source code\n” );
my $repository=”/data/aario-kubuntu-11.10-home/Temp/oxt/git“;

As you can see, the value in front of $repository is a path in my hard drive. It is where I extracted the downloaded .tar.gz file. So that this time, the git program which is used by the downloaded Perl script uses those extracted files instead of download site to get source code files. It is much faster!

Then all I did was to run below comands:

cd build
sudo make install

This was insallation. I wen to System settings and Application appearance and set oxygen transparent as my widget style. Clicked on Configure button and moved slider a bit to the left to adjust transparency. Also I set oxygen transparent as my window decoration in Workspace appearance. Now, here is my new fancy desktop:

Oxygen Transparent Widget engine on Kubuntu 11.10

Hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to leave your comments;)


It’s the project homepage:
It’s the project repository:
And if you click on the HTTP button in the repository site it will give you this DOWNLOAD link:


2 responses

  1. STOP; WAIT, where you download the engine? please, wtrite you the LINK for download Oxygen-transparent please, thanks.

    P.D: Sorry my english, Im spanish and can’t speak english very well xDD


    January 26, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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