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Problems contributing to the Linux

I’m an Electronic engineer. I did several embedded projects with hardware and software interworking. So, I am somehow experienced in programming. I also had several projects in Windows in Delphi language. As I became familiar with Linux, it was always one of my wishes to contribute in this huge project. I even wrote some open source projects myself. Which are stored in Sourceforge.net site (autoppp, blackwar and jalaliapplet).
Actually I have some problems contributing to already started projects. To describe you my problems, I bring here Blur effect in KDE as an example and If you know answers of my questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment how to solve my problems.
Recently I installed Kubuntu 11.04 with KDE 4.6 on my laptop. Blur effect is enabled on Panel as is working there without any problem. But the problem is that transparent windows are not blurred. The scenario is always like this:

  • I searched Internet forums to find a solution for this problem. No joy.
  • I searched bug reports to find a solution for this problem. No joy.
  • I now want to go to KDE website to find out how can I contribute to this project because I want to solve this problem myself. Regardless of long texts about how to pay donations or introducing KDE to friends(!), It’s a little hard to find how to start developing the code.

I want to know:

  1. Which source codes I must download to solve my problem with blue effect as I described above. How can I find which source file or which group of source files I must work on?
  2. Which packages I need to download and Install to be able to compile the sources I downloaded?
  3. After compiling the source code how can I installed the compiled code on my system?
  4. How can I uninstall it to bring my system back to the previously installed KED?
  5. What is SVN?

Thanks a lot people:)


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