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What if Linux won’t support your main chipset?

My previous post was about Ubuntu support on ACER 5536 laptop. I asked a question about this on linuxquestions.org . By assuming you may have the same problem and want to see if anyone understands your feeling or you may have had a solution for this problem, and If you don’t want to make your feet wet by visiting the link, I brought my question here:

Hi everyone,
I have an ACER 5536 laptop with an AMD Radeon HD3200 graphic and mainboard M780G chipset.
I have drivers for GPU and main chipset (Sata bridge SB700, USB filter, etc.) for windows. But only have GPU driver for Linux.
On windows 7 and Linux if I don’t install provided driver by ACER site or AMD site, mainboard chipset and GPU gets hot. But by installing drivers not.
Also USB port won’t provide current more than 100mA (It won’t enumerate high power consumption USB devices like external hard-drives) without installing chipset driver for USB filter chip. So I realized that although I get my laptop working under Ubuntu or Windows, it won’t work good without installing all drivers. The problem is that there’s no chipset driver anywhere for working under linux. Proprietary drivers are all for windows except little graphic, audio, wireless drivers for Linux.
I also have the same problem with my desktop. The MSI K9n Neo V2 main board with NVIDIA nForce 520 chipset won’t enumerate High power USB devices under linux.
Are there any solutions for this problem?


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