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How I corrected page size in Altium Designer Smart PDF?

Yes, I’m using Altium Designer 2008 to create PCB files. And hell yes! I’m using that damned Windows Xp as a virtual machine just to bring this software up ‘n running;)
Whenever I try to create a PDF file of PCB project using Altium Designer’s Smart PDF option, It creates an ugly pdf file with stretched/skewed pages not in real actual size. Fonts are nasty and characters are hard to read. So I decided to solve this problem. Here’s the HOW-TO:
First of all I searched all over Internet and found nothing.
Then created a smart PDF using Altium Designer and let it to create a .OutputJob file and open it.
In the opened OutputJob file on right column right clicked on PDF and selected PDF Setup from drop down menu.
In “Schematic Page size and orientation” selected “Page Setup Dialog”. Selected same option for “Schematic Page size and orientation”.
Clicked OK and the horrible stretch and skew ended here! hiewhhhhhh!

Change page size for schematic and PCB


One response

  1. Nguyen Tuan Anh

    Thanks, man. Very much appreciate your post.
    You’re welcome. Come back soon:D


    April 22, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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